Take the Homework Fight of the Home®

From private tutoring and homework support to standardized test prep and beyond, Studyville offers everything your teen needs to succeed in middle and high school to prepare them for their college careers.

Studyville is an academic workspace like no other.

Studyville® was created to Take The Homework Fight Out Of The Home®. Education takes a village, and we are here to help. Students can come to Studyville® for the best tutors and study space to complete homework, projects, ACT/SAT test prep, and get expert tutoring on demand. Let us worry about their school work so you don't have to.

Private Tutoring

Does your teen need a more in-depth approach in his or her studies? Schedule private tutoring at Studyville’s academic workspace at any time. Studyville offers expert private tutoring in Baton Rouge and Alexandria for a variety of subjects for grades 6 - 12. Get started by booking with a tutor today.

Homework Support®

Members of Studyville® can drop in anytime at our academic workspace for Homework Support® services with fun, relatable, and overall excellent tutors- who can teach statistics.

ACT® Prep

We get it, standardized tests are fun for no one. We offer the best ACT® prep courses in Baton Rouge and Alexandria to help you get the score you need so you can be done with it and on to more important things, like sports and theater and friends and video games.

SAT® Prep

Studyville® can help a student discover their strengths and opportunities for growth in order to optimize performance on college admissions exams like the SAT®.


Studyville® offers a variety of workshops to help students get a better grasp on a specific aspect of their studies. Available to members and non members.

College Counseling

Our college counseling experts can guide your teen along the way with career aptitude tests, major selection, college matching, high school road maps, and more.


Looking for an alternative to the traditional school system? Small group education is here.

Private Educators

A personal teacher for families who need education on their terms. A school solution as unique as the student.

Get to know us.

Studyville® was founded in 2020 by Benn and Amanda Vincent. As parents of teen boys, they felt the pains and frustrations of the homework problem first hand. Traditional private tutoring left much to be desired. The busy family needed a better solution- one that not only gave flexibility back to families, but took the homework fight out of the home completely. 

Enter Studyville®. Check us out for yourselves:

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