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Studyville offers the best ACT prep including classes, bootcamps and private tutoring for experienced and novice test takers.


No one likes taking the ACT. We get it.

Looking for the best ACT Prep services? Our ACT prep courses and classes help you get the score you need so you can be done with it and on to more important things, like sports and theater and friends and video games.

First, we will offer each student a diagnostic exam.  This will tell us so much, like how well each student does with content, time management, pacing, stamina, precision, process of elimination, and motivation.  Then we will tailor each lesson to best fit the student’s areas of improvement for both content and test-taking skills. Taking this approach allows us to make maximum impact in improving each students’ ACT scores.

Studyville Offers 3 Types of ACT Prep


ACT® Essentials

If you have never taken the ACT before, this is for you.  Designed for the ACT novice, ACT Essentials is a holistic approach to taking the ACT , with expert class tutoring, beginning and ending with diagnostics to help gauge proficiency and student improvements.

Pricing: $630 for Studyville® Members/$700 for Non-Members

Upcoming Classes:

Alexandria location:
October ACT Essentials
October 10 – 19 | T-Th | 4-6pm with Matthew
Baton Rouge location:
October ACT Essentials
October 16-26| M/T/Th | 4:30-6:30pm with Joseph

ACT Overdrive

Are you re-taking the ACT next month to improve your score? Put it into overdrive with this specially formulated class, geared for students familiar with the ACT who simply want to improve scores for college and scholarship applications.

Pricing: $350 for Studyville® Members/$400 for Non-Members

Upcoming Classes:

Alexandria location:
October ACT Overdrive
October 17 – 19 | T-Th | 6-8pm with Matthew
Baton Rouge location:
October ACT Overdrive
October 19-26| T/Th | 4-6pm with Trevor

ACT Private Sessions

If you focus better in one-on-one sessions with a tutor, this is a great way to tailor test-prep to your individual needs, such as ACT Math. Let us help you achieve the score you need, in a one-on-one setting.

Pricing: $60 per session* for Studyville® Members/$80 per session* for Non-Members

*ACT sessions occur in one hour increments

ACT Prep Practice Tests

When you need extra test prep practice, Studyville has your back. Studyville is offering a full sit down ACT® practice test for $40. This new service is key to building confidence and perfecting test taking strategies for our students looking to excel in standardized testing. Contact us to set up a test date.


Students Love Studyville

Your student is going to have to take the ACT® in order to qualify for college entry and scholarships.  Since they have to do it anyway, why not send them to a place they love?  Studyville is the most fun place to study with private rooms, inspiring spaces, and a coffee bar. Even better, our prices are upfront and competitive with everyone else in town.

They have to study for the ACT® anyway, why not send them someplace cool to do it?

Improve Your ACT Score and Save Thousands, Literally

While standard tests have their issues, one thing they are great for is saving parents money on college tuition.  With Louisiana’s generous TOPS scholarship program, just a few points can mean saving $8,000 a year in tuition at the state’s flagship university of LSU, and that makes it all worth it.

Parents, you work hard.  So, sit it back, relax, and send your kids to Studyville for ACT® Prep.  You have enough to worry about, and we got this.

Schedule an ACT® Private Session, Essentials class, or Overdrive class today to prepare for the ACT®.

Questions?  We’d love to hear from you.  Call us any time at (225) 408-4553.



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"Studyville has been wonderful! The tutors are awesome, intelligent, friendly and they want the students to succeed! Everyone is very professional and always willing to help. They are very flexible and will work with you to find the right fit for your student! They care about the students here! I would recommend to anyone looking for a tutor!"

Stacie L

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