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So you have a junior in high school …

It’s May and there are a million things to do for a mom of a junior in high school.  Awards ceremonies.  Sports banquets.  AP exams.  Regular exams.  End of school projects.  Ring ceremonies.  Baseball tournaments.  Track meets.  Recitals.  Prom.  Soccer tournaments.  Friends’ graduations. Gifts to buy.  Someone having the gall to get married and invite you to their wedding…it never ends.  In the midst of hour two of sports banquet number three, a mom leans over and says, “So what is Emma thinking about for college?”

And it hits you like a ton of bricks.  

Your child is going to college in a year and you have no idea how to get her there.  There is a laundry list of things to do.  Find colleges to visit, make travel plans that fit in between softball, dance, and the school play, apply (what does that involve?!), apply for scholarships and financial aid, get it in. . . 

You need help.  

Here’s the good news. Great college counseling doesn’t have to cost $10,000.  Crazy expensive college counselors don’t have a secret sauce to manipulating an application to have all the bells and whistles the Ivys are looking for.  Plus, your kid may be miserable at an Ivy League school.  

Studyville can help. With College Counseling starting at just $155, we can help your student get a plan together to find the right fit where she will thrive, be happy, and most importantly, get a scholarship.  Because your student deserves to go to a school that wants her to go there.

Your student may need three sessions to get them into the right school and find the right scholarships.  She may need 10.  Studyville can help you without breaking the bank.  

You’ll need the savings for her senior year…trust us.  

Start the journey to ensuring your peace of mind for your child’s senior year and book a college counseling session with Studyville today.  

Tiffany Pham

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