Cool Workspaces

An environment can either inspire or deter student productivity. That's why our academic workspaces are intentionally designed to maximize comfort and effective learning for students of all ages.

place to study

Welcome to Studyville®! This is where you’ll sign in. All of our staff, students, and guests will pass a health screening to help ensure our space is always safe and clean. Members will also get a name tag to wear while they visit. Typically, parents aren’t allowed at Studyville®; but if you’d like a tour of the space, we offer those on-demand and at our weekly Open House from 2-5p on Sundays. Come check us out for yourself!


Studyville tutoring room

Private study rooms give students a place to focus, engage in group study, or have a private session with one of our expert tutors. Each of our study rooms has a larger-than-life mural that features an inspiring quote from some of the brightest thinkers in the 20th century.


student board room

We designed a classroom space for multiple uses. We call it our ACT® Room, because this is where all of our ACT® Prep will take place. We will also use this space for other workshops and classes, and when it’s not in use students are welcome to use it for group study or projects.


studyville workspace

Probably the best part about being a member of Studyville® is the unlimited access to on-demand homework support. When you come to Studyville®, find a spot wherever you’re most comfortable and our expert tutors will make sure that whatever you’re working on gets done right the first time. Want us to check your work? You got it. Need someone to quiz you before a big exam tomorrow? No problem. Can’t quite remember how to balance that equation? We do. Studyville® has totally changed the game on how homework gets done.


studyville breakroom

We know that life comes at you fast. Sometimes the only time you have to study and do homework is the 45 minutes right before soccer practice. That’s where our desk bikes come in. Study and get your homework done all while you warm-up for the workout.


studyville game room

From literary classics to board games, our hangout area has a variety of items for teens to take their minds off the homework for a few minutes and reset. We even have a larger-than-life Scrabble® board on the wall. Time for some “words with friends?” Literally. 


Our kitchen area has everything a busy student needs. One perk that’s everyone’s favorite is the free coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and snacks. Just grab a Studyville® mug and fill it up with your favorite hot beverage. We also have a vending fridge that we keep stocked with drinks, snacks, and other local selections.


We’ve left no stone unturned in our effort to provide students a relaxing and cool environment that they will love. From comfy couches to tables that are dry-erase boards, to wireless phone chargers—Studyville® has everything a teenager needs to ignite their creativity in a laid-back environment with tutors on demand.  


The learning doesn’t stop at Studyville®. Even a trip to the restroom comes with interesting tidbits of info! Whether it’s the solar system, or a Shakespeare synopsis, students will always find something on the walls to pique their curiosity.


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