Six Reasons to Have a Dedicated Study Space for Students

Student doing his homework at Studyville

As parents, we do not go to work in our bedroom at home.  So why do we expect our children to do just that?  There are so many distractions teens can find in their bedrooms at home; having a dedicated study space at Studyville will help them focus on their studies for better grades and study habits.  

Here are six reasons why your teen needs have a dedicated study space:

1. Minimize Distractions

There is so much temptation for a teenager to procrastinate while studying in his room at home.  Video games, cell phones, baseball cards, house pets, siblings interruptions, parents calling and walking in and literally anything else.  Separating a study space from his leisurely chill space will minimize the distractions that are ever-present at home.

Study space at Studyville
Just like you need your own workspace, students need their own study space. That’s why we call Studyville the “Academic Workspace.”

2. Improved Focus

If you work, you likely have an office you go to.  At that office, you are expected to focus on your work until the job is done.  If you want your teenager to focus on completing her homework, setting her up with a space just for homework will help her concentrate specifically on that task.  Having a dedicated academic workspace for your student helps her focus on the homework and studying at hand.  Once a teen regularly starts coming to Studyville for homework and test prep, the student then associates the space with “this is where I get my work done.”  The author Cal Newport has a great book about focus.  Just as Deep Work teaches adults the need for distraction-free work, students need to learn deep study to help them succeed in school. 

3. Organization

A dedicated study space allows students to keep their materials and supplies organized, reducing stress and improving efficiency.  At Studyville, we have all the supplies your student needs in order to get their homework done.  There is no running to CVS at the last minute for paper, notecards, rulers, take, protractors, calculators, or staplers.

Materials station in study space at Studyville
Studyville is well equipped with all the supplies a student needs.

4. Routine

We all do better when we have a routine in place.  A dedicated study space helps establish a routine and can make studying feel like a task that must be completed, leading to better time management and increased motivation.  We have seen countless students thrive at school once they start coming to Studyville on a regular basis.In his book Atomic Habits, James Clear discusses the importance of making a habit attractive.  Sending your student to Studyville, an attractive workspace created just for them, complete with coffee and popcorn, is just one way to make the routine of studying attractive to them.

5. Positive Environment

Being a member of Studyville means your student is participating in a positive learning environment.  It’s okay for them to ask questions, get something wrong, and take their time learning the material.  Having positive peers and role models reinforce healthy study habits at Studyville is key for students who need a little positivity in their daily lives.

Female tutors at Studyville
Students at Studyville have positive role models in their tutors, creating a better learning experience for them

6. Improved Mental Health

Having a dedicated study space can also improve a student’s mental health by reducing stress, promoting relaxation, easing anxiety, and helping students feel in control of their learning.

A dedicated study space helps prevent procrastination by being a physical reminder that a student is there to work and nothing else.

Having a dedicated study space with Studyville provides numerous benefits for students, and can help them be more focused, motivated, organized, and relaxed, leading to improved academic performance and overall well-being.

Join Studyville today to secure your teen’s designated study space

Tiffany Pham

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