Literacy Tutoring is Available to Improve Louisiana Literacy Rates


Louisiana has one of the lowest literacy rates in the nation. However, 2023 results show gradual improvement across the state, and Studyville is here to help.

It’s no secret that literacy issues have plagued Louisiana for far too long. According to a survey, Louisiana has the fifth-lowest literacy rate in the nation; about 72.9% of Louisianians are literate. New Hampshire boasts the highest literacy rate of 88.5%, while New Mexico is the least literate state, with a rate of 70.9%. There are multiple factors that impact English literacy, from a given state’s poverty levels, immigrant population, and quality of education. Over the past few years, Louisiana has been doubling down on its efforts to improve literacy in students statewide, and the results have shown we are making steady progress.

Louisiana has three main incentives to improve literacy in students: the K-12 Pilot Project, Ensuring Literacy for All (ELFA), and Reading First. These programs encourage implementation of literacy support in each district, explicit and systematic literacy instruction, frequent assessment of student performance and progress, intensive interventions targeted at a given student’s weaknesses, extensive professional development and support for our teachers, and effective leadership teams in our schools. There are also local organizations in Baton Rouge designed to improve literacy in adults, such as The State Library, Adult Literacy Advocates, and Baton Rouge Community College. East Baton Rouge Schools published a Literacy Blueprint in January 2022, which serves as a guide to assess and improve literacy among students in the parish. The blueprint has demonstrated its effectiveness over the course of almost two years, as 2023 state test results show the overall district score increased by 2.6 points (scoring a letter “C” grade on average). While it may not seem like much of an improvement, 93% of schools in East Baton Rouge scored an A, B, or a C, and none scored an F.  However, there is still plenty of work to be done, which is why Studyville is here to help.

The Louisiana Department of Education launched the Steve Carter Literacy Program (SCLP) in November 2022. This program provides eligible K-5 students with online and in-person tutoring vouchers, which they can spend on state-approved tutors. Students in grades K-3 are recommended for the program if they score below proficient on their screening at the beginning of the year; fourth and fifth grade students are recommended if they score below Mastery in ELA on their LEAP assessment. Once scores are acquired, the eligible students’ schools reach out to their families with more information on how to get started. A student who chooses to spend their voucher on Studyville will be set up for success, as Studyville provides students with endless benefits they will not receive elsewhere.

Every student at Studyville, whether they are members or have SLCP vouchers, has access to top-notch tutors who are experienced, knowledgeable, and relatable. All SCLP tutors have degrees in English, education, or a related field, and all tutoring sessions are 1:1 and take place in a personal study room, so there is no need to worry about a distracting environment. Studyville’s literacy tutoring sessions are designed to meet the students where they are; whether they struggle with reading comprehension, writing, or phonics, our tutors are ready to get Louisiana’s youth on track for future success in literacy and beyond. If your student does not qualify for the Steve Carter Literacy Program, they are welcome to drop in for a session or sign up for a membership to brush up on their ELA skills. Oh, did we mention we have free coffee and snacks?

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