Private Educators

The highest caliber approach to academics.

Private educators provide an opportunity for the most elite academic experience possible, because school should not be a one-size-fits-all model. An expert academic creates a curated certified curriculum and provides one-on-one schooling tailored to a specific student. This Studyville service is for the parent and student who need school on their terms.

Private Educators empower parents to choose the best education for their student.

Parents should not be confined to the limited options in the local school systems. Private educators work with a wide range of lifestyles, schedules, learning styles, and educational approaches. Studyville empowers families who have needs that the traditional system does not support such as athletic or Olympic training, unique educational goals, artistic or musical pursuits, and so much more. Investment in your students’ talents, interests and goals should not be mutually exclusive with their academics.

A dedicated teacher for all ages and needs.

Private educators can be arranged for all ages and grades. School can take place at Studyville’s locations or on-the-go where you need it. Keep your child’s education consistent even when your location or schedule may change.

How does private education work?

If you are looking for a school experience tailored to your needs, investing in a private educator may be the best way forward for your family. Your arrangement will be as unique as your family, and every package is completely custom. Therefore, Studyville’s CEO, Amanda, personally meets with each family to discuss needs, options, and pricing plans.

We make this options more accessible by relieving the headache of legal and tax considerations for household employers by navigating the hiring waters for you.

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