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Tutoring Is Broken (Don’t Worry We Fixed It)

Finding a good tutor isn’t easy. Parents are often faced with quite a dilemma when choosing a tutor. Effective, inexpensive, or flexible: pick one because you can’t have all three. Most parents would clearly sacrifice to make sure their student is with the most effective tutor but doing so creates another set of headaches where cost and lack of flexibility are new problems.

Let’s say your son or daughter comes home from a day at school that wasn’t the best. Maybe something went wrong, they didn’t make the grade, someone said something; and you can just tell: they are done for the day.

But… you have Geometry tutoring scheduled! What do you do? Do you cancel and give your student the night off that they need? Well, you’ll likely be charged for the session regardless since most tutors don’t allow last-minute cancellations. So, do you send them anyway? Is that the best use of the student’s time? Are you getting your money’s worth? Having to make decisions like this can add so much unnecessary tension for a parent.

At Studyville, we want to resolve as many of these tensions as possible:


Our tutors are excellent. They run the gamut, covering every subject a teen might face: from pre-Algebra to AP Music Theory. They also complete a Session Summary following every session to let you know what was covered and how much progress was made.


At Studyville, private sessions are 30 minutes. Because why pay for an hour if you don’t need an hour? We aim to get the job done with our students in 30 minutes. This allows us to price our sessions at incredibly competitive rates- starting at just $30/session for Studyville members.


Need a tutor last minute? Perfect. Many times, our students and parents book their sessions on the same day; even up to the same hour. We also allow no-fee cancellations. If something comes up that is more important, we get it. We want Studyville to eliminate stress for families, not add to it.

Book a session with one of our expert tutors today. Let us take the homework fight out of your home.