Refund Policy

Refund Policy 


At Studyville, we are committed to providing a fair and transparent refund policy to ensure the satisfaction of our clients. Please review the following details regarding our refund policy:

  • Payment for Appointments:
    • Appointments booked online through our website will be automatically charged for payment at the time of booking.
    • Appointments made over the phone or through email requests to Studyville will be charged to the card on file one week in advance of the scheduled appointment.
    • Appointment and class credits remain active on the account for 6 months. After the 6 month period, credits on the account will expire and cannot be reactivated for use towards classes or private tutoring.
  • Payment Requirement:
    • No appointment may be held for a student without payment being processed a week in advance of the appointment. This policy ensures that our resources are allocated efficiently and fairly.
  • Cancellations by Studyville:
    • In the event that Studyville must cancel an appointment due to unforeseen circumstances or any other reason attributed to Studyville, we will honor a refund request.
  • Client-Initiated Cancellations:
    • Cancellations initiated by the client party are subject to the following terms:
      • Early Cancellations: If a client cancels their appointment in advance (before the specified cancellation deadline), they will receive a session credit that will be applied to their account for future use.
      • Refund Eligibility: Early cancellations made by the client party will not be eligible for a refund. Instead, the client will receive a session credit as compensation.


We appreciate your understanding of our Studyville policies, as they help us maintain our operational efficiency and ensure the best possible service for all our members. If you have any questions or need further assistance regarding Studyville’s services and policies, please do not hesitate to reach out to us through the information provided below. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in maintaining a positive learning environment for all our students.


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