FAQs and Policies

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What subjects and grade levels do you offer tutoring for? 

A1: We offer tutoring services for a wide range of subjects and grade levels, from elementary school to college. Our tutors are trained to assist with subjects including math, science, language arts, history, and more.


Q2: How do I schedule a tutoring session for my child? 

A2: Scheduling a tutoring session is easy. You can either call or email your respective Studyville location or visit our website to schedule your child’s session online. 


Q3: Can I request a specific tutor for my child? 

A3: Yes, you can request a specific tutor if you believe they are a good fit for your child's needs and learning style. We will do our best to accommodate your request based on our tutor's availability.


Q4: What is the duration of a tutoring session? 

A4: Our subject-specific tutoring occurs in 30 minute increments and can be stacked to occur as hour or longer sessions. College counseling and standardized test prep (ACT, LEAP, SAT, etc.) tutoring occur in hour-long increments.


Q5: Do you offer online tutoring sessions? 

A5: Studyville operates as an in-person tutoring center. All appointments made online will be set for in-person appointments. If you are looking for online tutoring, please let us know through phone call or email so we can check with our staff about filling this special request. Online tutoring sessions may not be scheduled online and need a special request submitted to your respective Studyville location first. 


Q6: How do you assess my child's progress? 

A6: We can assess your child's progress by quizzing them and having them work through individual application problems during their session. Additionally, our tutors provide feedback to both you and your child to keep you informed about their progress.


Q7: What is your cancellation policy? 

A7: We understand that sometimes schedules change. Please visit our Cancellation Policy page for more details. 


Q8: How much does tutoring cost? 

A8: Our subject-specific tutoring is $40 for each 30 minute session. Our standardized test prep (ACT, LEAP, SAT) tutoring is $80/hr and booked in hour-long increments. College counseling is $155/hr and booked in hour-long increments. . 


Q9: Do you offer group tutoring sessions? 

A9: Yes, we offer group tutoring sessions for certain subjects and grade levels. Group sessions can be a cost-effective way to receive tutoring and provide students with opportunities to collaborate and learn from each other. If you are interested in scheduling a group tutoring session, please contact your respective Studyville location through email with the following information: class subject, number of students, and preferred date + time. Once we receive this request, we will reach back out to you with a quote and help get your students set up for group tutoring.


Q10: Who can use the Homework Support space at Studyville?

A10: The Homework Support space is exclusively reserved for students with specific memberships. These memberships are:

  • JV Membership
  • Varsity Membership
  • Team Membership

Anyone who is not a member or part of the Studyville staff is required to remain out of the Homework Support space. Instead, they are encouraged to stay in the front desk waiting area or wait in their car. This policy is in place to ensure a quiet and effective study environment specifically for Studyville members.

Day Pass Option: If students are unsure about committing to a membership or don't want a long-term commitment, there is an alternative option available. They can purchase a day pass for $30/day. This allows them access to the Homework Support space for a single day without having to sign up for a membership.


Q11: What are the benefits of a Studyville membership?

A11: A Studyville membership offers a range of benefits and access to valuable resources for students. Here's a breakdown of what you get with a Studyville membership:

  • Access to Studyville's Homework Support Space: As a member, you gain access to Studyville's dedicated homework support space. This provides you with a quiet, productive environment where you can focus on completing your assignments and studying effectively.
  • Five Days a Week Availability: You can utilize Studyville's homework support space five days a week. This consistent access ensures that you have a reliable place to work on your academic tasks.
  • Discounted Pricing on Private Tutoring: Members enjoy special discounted pricing on private tutoring services. This means you can receive one-on-one support from qualified tutors at a reduced cost, making it more accessible for your academic needs.
  • Discounted Test Prep Classes: Studyville offers discounted rates on test preparation classes for standardized exams. Whether you're preparing for ACT, SAT, or other exams, the membership provides cost-effective access to test prep resources and guidance.
  • On-Site Tutor Rounds: Within Studyville's homework support space, there are tutors available to make rounds and check in on students. They ensure that you stay focused on your assignments and are available to help with any problems or concepts you may struggle with. This personalized support can enhance your learning experience and address any academic challenges you encounter.
  • Community and Accountability: Being part of Studyville's membership community can also offer a sense of accountability and motivation. Surrounding yourself with like-minded students in a dedicated study environment can boost your productivity and help you stay on track with your academic goals.
  • Flexible Study Hours: Studyville often offers flexible study hours to accommodate various schedules, ensuring that you have ample opportunities to make the most of your membership. Members can just drop in during our hours of operation to utilize our homework support space as their own study space. No need to schedule an appointment for homework support drop-ins!

In summary, a Studyville membership provides access to a conducive study environment, personalized academic support, and cost savings on private tutoring and test prep services. It's designed to support students in their academic journey, whether they need a quiet place to work, assistance with assignments, or specialized test preparation.


Q12: Who can sign up for a Studyville membership?

A12: Any student in grade levels 6-12th grade can sign up for one of our Studyville memberships. If your student falls outside of this grade range, don't worry! They can still schedule our 1:1 private tutoring services instead. For more information regarding pricing options and membership tiers, please visit our Memberships page for your respective Studyville location. 


Q13; If I have a membership for one child, can I use the private tutoring discount for my other child?

A13: No, the private tutoring discount and class enrollment discount associated with a JV or Varsity membership can only be applied to the student for whom the membership is intended. If you have a membership for one child (let's call them Child A), the discounts provided by that membership are meant to benefit Child A specifically. If you book a session using the membership discount for private tutoring or class enrollment for another child (Child B), who does not have a membership, there may be additional charges amounting to the normal non-membership rate for Child B's services. If you would like to access these discounts for multiple children, you may need to consider purchasing separate memberships for each child or switching over to a Team membership, which would cover up to 3 siblings.


Q14: How long will my appointment or class credits remain active for?

A14: Appointment and class credits remain active on the account for 6 months after purchase. After the 6 month period, credits on the account will expire and cannot be reactivated for use towards classes or private tutoring. Exceptions to the 6 month expiration time frame are Cyber Monday packages (as they last for 12 months from the purchase date) and the Summer Math and Reading tutoring package (active for 3 months from the start of the summer session).



Q15: I purchased an appointment credit for a specific class but want to change the appointment/class type. Am I able to make this switch?

A15: We can absolutely help you with this! Please contact your respective Studyville location so one of our staff members can assist with converting your credit into a different appointment type as long as the appointment credit you wish to convert is currently active and unused on your account. Please be aware that at Studyville, we will not initiate any appointment conversions without a request from a parent/guardian or student. This policy is in place to ensure that we do not inadvertently modify any account details and cause any potential confusion.


Q16: Who can sit in on a private tutoring session?

A16: Only the student that the session is booked for can sit in on a private tutoring session. We do not allow for any friends or family to sit in on the session as we strive to keep our sessions as distraction-free as possible.


Q17: How do the monthly billing cycles work for Studyville memberships?

A17: At Studyville, our monthly memberships operate on an approximately 30-day cycle. For instance, if you've subscribed to a membership on the 5th of a particular month, you can expect your membership to automatically renew on the 5th of each subsequent month. There may be a slight variance (by 1-2 days) in monthly membership renewal dates to account for months that are not 30 days long.



Studyville Policies 


Cancellation Policy 

At Studyville, we understand that plans can change. To ensure that our staff is protected and can effectively manage their schedules, we have implemented the following cancellation policy:


  • Cancellation requests must be made through either email or phone call to the main office of your respective location. If you are contacting us outside of our hours of operation, please leave a voicemail and follow up with an email so that our staff can return your request as soon as we open back up. 
  • Early Cancellation:
    • Any cancellation requests made earlier than 3 hours before the scheduled start time of the session will be considered an early cancellation.
    • In the case of an early cancellation, a session credit will be promptly returned to your account for future use.
    • You can use this session credit to reschedule your session at a more convenient time.
  • Late Cancellation:
    • Cancellation requests made within 3 hours of the scheduled start time of the session will be classified as late cancellations.
    • Late cancellations will result in the full session fee remaining charged to your account.
    • We encourage our clients to provide as much notice as possible for any cancellations to minimize strain to our staff and allow us to accommodate other students.
  • Exception:
    • For any students participating in tutoring programs through EBR, Rapides Parish, or the Steve Carter Literacy Program, the cancellation time frame is 24 hours minimum for early cancellations. 
  • Please note that requesting to cancel a session within the 3 hour late cancellation window and booking another appointment for a later date and/or time will not waive the late cancellation charges. The original appointment will still be marked as a late cancellation with full charges incurring, and a separate appointment will be booked at normal pricing for the newly request session.


Membership Policy

We value our members at Studyville and understand that circumstances may arise that require changes to your membership status. To ensure a smooth and efficient process, we have established the following policy for memberships:

  • Payment:
    • Studyville memberships have an auto-renewal feature, which means that they will automatically renew at the end of each membership period, whether it's monthly or annually. The renewal fee is typically charged to the payment method that is associated with your Studyville Mindbody account.
    • Auto-renewal is a common practice for subscription-based services, and it ensures that your membership remains active unless you choose to pause or cancel it. If you wish to pause the auto-renewal or cancel your membership, please follow the instructions provided below regarding the notice period and request submissions. 
  • Notice Period:
    • Membership suspension or termination requests must be submitted with at least 3 business days' notice prior to the next scheduled membership period charge.
    • This notice period allows us to process your request and make necessary adjustments to your membership.
  • Request Submission:
    • All membership suspension or termination requests must be made in writing, specifically by email, to your respective Studyville location.
    • Please include your full name, contact information, and membership details in your email to facilitate the processing of your request.
    • After making the request by email and receiving a response from one of our staff members, log in to your Mindbody account to check if the membership status reflects the pause or cancellation on the date you requested.
    • If there is any uncertainty or if you need confirmation of the pause or cancellation date, send an email to Studyville requesting a snippet or screenshot of your account that shows the pause or cancellation date.
    • This process ensures that you have a record of the action taken and the date it was processed, even though automatic email notifications are not provided by the Mindbody system.
    • Keep in mind that it's always a good practice to retain documentation and records of important membership-related actions to avoid any misunderstandings or disputes in the future.
  • No Retroactive Cancellations:
    • Studyville does not allow requests for retroactive cancellations. In other words, we cannot cancel or refund charges for past membership periods.
    • To avoid any misunderstandings, it is essential to communicate your membership changes in advance, as specified in our notice period requirement.


Refund Policy

At Studyville, we are committed to providing a fair and transparent refund policy to ensure the satisfaction of our clients. Please review the following details regarding our refund policy:

  • Payment for Appointments:
    • Appointments booked online through our website will be automatically charged for payment at the time of booking.
    • Appointments made over the phone or through email requests to Studyville will be charged to the card on file one week in advance of the scheduled appointment. 
    • Appointment and class credits remain active on the account for 6 months. After the 6 month period, credits on the account will expire and cannot be reactivated for use towards classes or private tutoring.
  • Payment Requirement:
    • No appointment may be held for a student without payment being processed a week in advance of the appointment. This policy ensures that our resources are allocated efficiently and fairly.
  • Cancellations by Studyville:
    • In the event that Studyville must cancel an appointment due to unforeseen circumstances or any other reason attributed to Studyville, we will honor a refund request.
  • Client-Initiated Cancellations:
    • Cancellations initiated by the client party are subject to the following terms:
      • Early Cancellations: If a client cancels their appointment in advance (before the specified cancellation deadline), they will receive a session credit that will be applied to their account for future use.
      • Refund Eligibility: Early cancellations made by the client party will not be eligible for a refund. Instead, the client will receive a session credit as compensation.


Studyville Behavioral and Space Policies for Private Tutoring and Homework Support

To ensure a safe and productive learning environment at Studyville, we have established the following behavioral and space policies:

  • Respect for Property:
    • Students must show respect for the Studyville building and its property. Any damage to property will not be tolerated and may be charged to the parent or guardian’s account for replacement or repairs. 
  • Prohibited Items:
    • Weapons, drugs, and alcohol are strictly prohibited within Studyville premises. Any violations will result in immediate action and may involve law enforcement.
  • Punctuality:
    • Students are expected to arrive on time for their scheduled session. Parents are responsible for picking up their students promptly when the session ends. Late pickups may incur additional fees amounting to a charge for a $30 day pass placed to the payment method on file.
  • Space Access:
    • Studyville space is reserved for teenage members with JV, Varsity, and Team memberships who are actively studying.
    • Non-members and individuals who are not Studyville staff members are not allowed in the homework support space beyond the front desk. This policy is in place to ensure security and maintain a focused study environment.
  • Waiting Area:
    • Parents or guardians are requested to wait for their students either in their vehicles or in designated waiting areas near the front door while the student is in their session.
  • Conferencing with Tutors:
    • Any discussions or conferences with tutors should take place at the front desk or in a private study room if available after the tutor's session.
    • If assistance is needed, please approach the front desk personnel. Unauthorized entry into study areas is not permitted.
  • Respectful Behavior:
    • Students are expected to be respectful to their instructors and fellow students at all times.
  • No Threats:
    • Threats, whether directed at Studyville staff or other students, will not be tolerated and may result in immediate action, including removal from Studyville.
  • Responsible Wi-Fi Usage:
    • Students are required to use Studyville's Wi-Fi responsibly. Accessing or sharing disturbing content on social media, gaming, or adult sites is strictly prohibited.


We appreciate your understanding of our Studyville policies, as they help us maintain our operational efficiency and ensure the best possible service for all our members. If you have any questions or need further assistance regarding Studyville’s services and policies, please do not hesitate to reach out to us through the information provided below. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in maintaining a positive learning environment for all our students.


Studyville Locations 


Email: cenla@studyville.com 

Phone: (318) 541-8655


Baton Rouge

Email: info@studyville.com 

Phone: (225) 408-4553


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