Summer Camps in Baton Rouge and Alexandria, LA

Get ready for amazing summer camps at Studyville! Now accepting reservations below.

"A little bit of summer is what the whole year is all about."
—John Mayer

Summer Tutoring Program

Keep up and catch up with math and reading all summer with regular sessions at Studyville!  This program is appropriate for all grades 6 - 12. Please contact us for special requests for students outside of that grade range. 

Summer Reading + Math Tutoring Package: $300

Six Hours of Reading and Math tutoring, spread out over the summer

Strategic sessions to assess, diagnose and improve comprehension for reading or perfect math facts for coming school year, review content from previous year!

Complete all summer reading and book reports that will be due in August. 

*Summer session credits will activate and can be booked as early as June 3 and valid through August 12, 2024.



Summer Camps

All summer camps are intended for rising 5-12th grade students.

Summer Hours of Operation: 9am - 4pm

*If your student is enrolled for a full-day session, please have a lunch packed for them. Students can also bring cash or credit/debit card if they wish to purchase snacks from our vending machine.



Gaming Week
Offered at both Alexandria and Baton Rouge locations
June Session: June 17 - 21
July Session: July 15 - 19
9am - 4pm
Early Bird Pricing!
$300 Full Day
$200 Half Day (9am - 12pm)
Students will be engaged in various topical games and activities which will have educational and team-building focuses. Activities and games for this week will include:
  • Minecraft Education covering topics such as:
    1. Cities Skylines (infrastructure, city planning, pollution, emergency services, etc.)
    2. Portal (logic, puzzle, collaborative)
    3. Civilization (complex strategy game with a historical focus)
    4. Math (decimals, fractions, area and volume, coordinate systems, line plots, and more)
  • Strategy board games (chess, card games, etc.)
These indoor gaming experiences will be interspersed with outdoor activities and other games requiring movement (scavenger hunts, sports, relay races, etc.) to ensure that students are kept both physically and mentally active throughout the week.
Please make sure your child arrives with a laptop or tablet (with Minecraft Education already downloaded and installed) to participate in any of the digital activities for Gaming Week.


Offered at both Alexandria and Baton Rouge locations
June 24 - 28
9am - 4pm
Early Bird Pricing!
$300 Full Day
$200 Half Day (9am - 12pm)

Send your student to Studyville for a week filled with science experiments, robots, games, and more! If your student has a curious mind, then allow them to explore STEM subjects in a supportive environment, engaging in activities like:

  • Periodic Table Organization
  • Element Models
  • Circuits
  • Engineering Building Competitions
  • Robotics
  • Logic Puzzles


Mental Toughness Small Group
Baton Rouge location only
June 24 - 27
10am - 12pm
Learn strategies to help rebound after failing, persevere during adversity, and retain concentration in the face of distractions. Athletes will learn how to train the most important must that can help performance - the mind.
Small Group for athletes ages 9-12 years with Youth Mental Health Specialist, Katie Zylicz, LPC-S.

Summer Your Way:  Bespoke Camps

All Summer, On Your Terms

Pricing on Request

In addition to the weekly camps offered, parents can create their own personalized week (or day, if preferred) for their child and friends, ranging from middle through high school. Perfect for birthday parties for a day or for the week, bespoke camps allow your student to have fun in their own way on their own terms! We will provide the space, activities, and staff. Contact us to discuss pricing and other details!

Possible themes include...

  • Harry Potter
  • Marvel
  • Science
  • Jurassic Park
  • Art
  • Gaming (Fortnite, Minecraft, Roblox, etc.)
  • Engineering
  • YouTube and Video Editing
  • Photography
  • Suggest your own!


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