Summer Camps in Baton Rouge

Get ready for amazing summer camps at Studyville! Now accepting reservations below.

"A little bit of summer is what the whole year is all about."
—John Mayer

Get ready for amazing summer camps in Baton Rouge at Studyville!  New this year are bespoke camps:  create your own camp with your own friends all on your terms.  Perfect for birthday parties for a day or for the week, bespoke camps are allow your student to have fun in their own way on their own terms!  Also new this year is the Give Back Program where we have students giving back to the community in ways that are meaningful to them.  It’s going to be a great summer at Studyville!



Summer Tutoring Program

Keep up and catch up with math and reading all summer with regular sessions at Studyville!  This program is appropriate for all ages K – 12.  

Summer Reading: $300

Six Hours of Reading Comprehension, spread out over summer

Strategic sessions to assess, diagnose and improve comprehension

Complete all summer reading and book reports that will be due in August


Summer Math: $300

Six Hours of Math, spread out over the summer

Perfect math facts for coming school year, review content from previous year

Work on math used in standardized tests such as ACT®, SAT® and LEAP



Art Week Studyville

Art Week

May 31 – June 3 

$300 Full Day | 9am – 5pm

$200 Half Day | 9am – 12pm

Art week will serve as an exploration of various artistic pursuits and hobbies. Every day, students will learn new skills and/or practice old skills. This week will be a jumping off point for participants to discover new passions under the guidance of a mentor and support from others in the class. This program is available for middle through high school students. 

Activities which will be explored include:

  • Painting
  • Ceramics/Pottery
  • Photography/Video
  • Sewing
  • Crochet/Knitting
  • Origami



College Week

June 6 – 10


July 11 – 15


$300 Full Day | 9am – 5pm

$200 Half Day | 9am – 12pm

College week will undertake several activities to prepare students for the next step in their education! This will include visits from college recruiters, test prep, workshops to help complete applications, and more! More specifically, this week will feature activities like…

  • ACT Prep
  • SAT Prep
  • College visits (LSU, Southern)
  • Virtual college recruiters
  • Resume Workshop
  • Interview Workshop
  • Scholarships
  • Application workshop
  • Junior/Senior year prep
  • Study Skills



June 13 – 17


July 18 – 22


$300 Full Day | 9am – 5pm

$200 Half Day | 9am – 12pm

Send your student to Studyville for a week filled with science experiments, robots, games, and more! This program is available for middle through high school students. 

If your student has a curious mind, then allow them to explore STEM subjects in a supportive environment, engaging in activities like…

  • Coding
  • Computer science
  • Chemistry Experiments
  • Engineering Competitions
  • Robotics
  • Gaming (Minecraft education, Roblox, space simulations, flight simulators, etc.)


Give Back Program

June 20 – 24

Free for Members

$200 Nonmembers 

Students will have the opportunity to gather volunteer hours at a variety of organizations around Baton Rouge. Not only will this serve them well in applications for academic programs, higher education, or jobs, but this will also build character. Furthermore, this will give students the opportunity to explore a variety of volunteer options in which they can build connections, and discover passions which they can pursue regularly after the program ends. 

Students will volunteer their time at these locations around the city, as well as spend time at Studyville, serving their community in other ways. For example, students may need to create advertisements for local nonprofits, create enrichment toys for shelter dogs, decorate headbands for an upcoming charity 5K, put together boxes of canned goods for the local food pantry, and much more. This program is available for middle through high school students. 



minecraft mania

Minecraft Mania

June 20 – 24

$300 Full Day | 9am – 5pm

$200 Half Day | 9am – 12pm


Your preteen really can play Minecraft all day, we know this for a fact. Let us guide their infatuation through engineering and design in this addictive game that actually has a practical, useful side. Teachers are beginning to use Minecraft for coursework in subjects. We will develop design and coding skills while learning math, science, history, and language. Yes, it’s kind of like we are tricking them into learning things to avoid the summer brain drain. This program is available for middle through high school students. 


Theater and Literature

June 27 – July 1

$300 Full Day | 9am – 5pm

$200 Half Day | 9am – 12pm

Experienced thespians and complete newbies are welcome to join in this theater workshop! This program is available for middle through high school students. 

For a weeklong students will practice skills in all things related to drama. Activities include….

  • Learn script writing
  • Practice various acting techniques
  • Watch and analyze classic or modern plays
  • Study classic literature
  • Explore contemporary authors
  • Read and discuss plays 



Personal Management and Business

July 25 – 29

$300 Full Day | 9am – 5pm

$200 Half Day | 9am – 12pm

Students will spend this week learning about the soft skills and knowledge necessary to live and work independently after graduation. This program is available for middle through high school students. 

This includes learning how to apply and interview for jobs, manage finances, invest their money, and more! For example…

  • Writing Workshop
  • Resume Workshop
  • Interview skills
  • Finances
  • Investing



Math Kickstarters

August 1 – 5

10am PreAlgebra

11am Algebra I

1pm Geometry

2pm Algebra II

3pm Pre Calculus


After a long and restful summer break, most students forget all the important information learned during the previous school year. That’s why Studyville is offering “Kickstarters”! Kickstarters act as a week-long crash course into all of the most difficult subjects ahead, and a preview into what’s to come so that your student can start out on top! So, sign up your student for the subject they are enrolled in this fall (i.e. a student about to take Pre-Algebra, should sign up for Pre-Algebra).

  • Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra I
  • Geometry
  • Algebra II
  • Pre-Calculus
  • AP Classes
  • Study Skills



Summer Your Way:  Bespoke Camps

All Summer, On Your Terms

Pricing on Request

In addition to the weekly camps offered, parents can create their own personalized week (or day, if preferred) for their child and friends, ranging from middle through high school. We will provide the space, activities, and staff. Contact us to discuss pricing and other details!

Possible themes include…

  • Harry Potter
  • Marvel
  • Science
  • Jurassic Park
  • Art
  • Gaming (Fortnite, Minecraft, Roblox, etc.)
  • Engineering
  • YouTube and Video Editing
  • Photography
  • Suggest your own!


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