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“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”
—William Yeats

Studyville® offers a variety of workshops to help students get a better grasp on a specific aspect of their studies. These are available to both Members and Non-Members.

Tech for Boomers Friday, January 21st @ 10:30 AM w Garrett Lonsberry

Are you a grandparent in need of learning about “The Venmo” or “The iCloud?” Or are you the child of a boomer that frequently gets butt dials (how do they even do that on their iPhones?) and calls about technological breakdowns?
Studyville will soon be launching “Tech for Boomers” group sessions for those interested in getting up to speed with modern technology and learning how to utilize all that’s available to you to keep up with your family. Click below to get in touch with the Studyville team and bring your world into the 21st century!
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Minecraft Mania Friday, February 4th @ 3 PM w Riley Bell

Your preteen really can play Minecraft all day, we know this for a fact. Let us guide their infatuation through engineering and design in this addictive game that actually has a practical, useful side. Teachers are beginning to use Minecraft for coursework in subjects. We will develop design and coding skills while learning math, science, history, and language. Yes, it’s kind of like we are tricking them into learning things.
*Suggested for rising 6th-8th graders
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Writing Workshops Saturdays w Megan Nge

Writing Workshop
Writing Workshop 6-Pack Package
Writing Workshop Unlimited


Intros and Topic Sentences – January 29 @ 12 PM 

Learn how to captivate your reader’s attention in just the first paragraph. This workshop will cover topic sentences and detailed information you will need to keep your reader interested in reading your paper.

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Sentence Structure – February 5 @ 12 PM 

Learn how to properly formulate sentences in this workshop.

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Grammar – February 19 @ 12 PM 

This workshop will focus on implementing grammatically correct sentence structure.

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Narrative Essay – March 5 @ 12 PM 

Learn how to captivate your reader’s attention by telling a story. This workshop will cover all the basics of writing a narrative essay.

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Persuasive Essay – March 19 @ 12 PM 

Learn how to create a strong argument for your reader in this workshop.

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