Studyville Introduces Microschooling

By Amanda Vincent / February 2, 2022 / Comments Off on Studyville Introduces Microschooling

COVID-19 turned education on its head. If you now find yourself questioning traditional schooling for your child you are not alone.  If you or your child is not adjusting to…

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Get To Know Tiffany!

By Amanda Vincent / February 2, 2022 / Comments Off on Get To Know Tiffany!

Tiffany is one of our talented tutors here at Studyville. Her personal passion is Biological Engineering, but she’s been helping students with a wide range of subjects for over 7…

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Meet Kyle Costanza, Studyville’s Newest Tutor

By Amanda Vincent / September 29, 2021 /

Kyle is more than just your science hype-man with a cool last name. He’s an aspiring nuclear engineer, home chef, and invested mentor. Get to know Kyle with his Q&A…

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sat tutoring

Does SAT® Tutoring Help Improve Scores?

By Bailee Owens / September 3, 2021 /

By Sandra Lee The SAT® is known universally, namely in the United States, to be required or recommended by both private and public universities when assessing applicants. When Collegeboard, the…

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What is the ACT®? Is it Right for You?

By Bailee Owens / August 9, 2021 /

Seven days a year, students assemble to take the ACT® in sterilized classrooms bereft of their usual decorative encouragement. On test days, hallowed hallways become Big Brother-like chambers with their…

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affording college

The Biggest Financial Decision Ever

By Amanda Vincent / July 19, 2021 /

Aside from getting married and buying a house, there is really only one other major financial decision a person can make that has the potential to alter their entire future.…

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STEM Private Tutoring in the Sciences

By Bailee Owens / June 16, 2021 /

By Rachel Morley Studyville is a top-of-the-line tutoring service located in Baton Rouge at Perkins Rowe near LSU specializing in a number of fields including STEM private tutoring. Only 1…

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how to write an essay

How to Write an Essay Video Series

By Amanda Vincent / May 24, 2021 /

Join Tiffany from Studyville and learn how to write an incredible 5 paragraph analytical essay. These instructions can be used to excel at any 5 paragraph essay project in middle…

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private tutoring

Reaching Those New Year Goals Is Harder Than Ever – Private Tutoring Can Help

By Amanda Vincent / January 5, 2021 /

Private tutoring may seem like a last resort for some people. Not everyone wants to admit that they may need help when they don’t seem to understand something. However, with…

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private tutoring at Studyville

Tutoring Is Broken (Don’t Worry We Fixed It)

By Amanda Vincent / September 29, 2020 /

Finding a good tutor isn’t easy. Parents are often faced with quite a dilemma when choosing a tutor. Effective, inexpensive, or flexible: pick one because you can’t have all three.…

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