How to Prepare for the ACT® in Baton Rouge


If you are a parent of a high school junior or senior in Baton Rouge, chances are you may be starting to get a little concerned about your teen’s ACT® score.  Is it high enough to get the highest level of TOPS?  Does it even qualify for the TOPS scholarship?  Does it even matter any more?

Prepare for the ACT® in Baton Rouge at Studyville

At Studyville, we get it.  No one likes the ACT®.  When you’re a junior or senior in high school, it’s all you’re worried about.  You stress and read the books and circle C on all the answers you don’t know.  And when you get to college, no one cares.  Made a 19?  No one knows, and more importantly, no one cares.  Made a 36?  Stop bragging already.  

Our goal at Studyville is to get students in our space to take our diagnostics, take our practice materials, attend our classes, get one-on-one private tutoring so they can get the score they need and be done with it.  

Our Targeted Approach To ACT® Prep Has Proven Results

Results will vary, but we have seen all of our students go up at least one composite point.  The record is ten points higher, but most fall somewhere in between.  Our certified ACT® tutors review the diagnostic scores of each student and make sure they are teaching the material and test taking skills that will best help each student improve.  

Every student is different, and we have many different tutors to choose from.  Our goal is to find the best match for your student so they can succeed in upping their score to get the scholarship dollars and college acceptances they desire. 

Students Love Studyville

Your student is going to have to take the ACT® in order to qualify for college entry and scholarships.  Since they have to do it anyway, why not send them to a place they love?  Studyville is the most fun place to study in Baton Rouge, with private rooms, inspiring spaces, and a coffee bar.  Even better, our prices are upfront and competitive with everyone else in town.  

They have to study for the ACT® anyway, why not send them someplace cool to do it?  

ACT Prep in Baton Rouge

Improve Your Score and Save Thousands, Literally

While standard tests have their issues, one thing they are great for is saving parents money on college tuition.  With Louisiana’s generous TOPS scholarship program, just a few points can mean saving $8,000 a year in tuition at the state’s flagship university of LSU, and that makes it all worth it!  

Parents, you work hard.  Sit back, relax, and send your kids to Studyville for ACT® Prep.  You have enough to worry about, and we got this. 

Schedule an ACT® Private Session, Essentials class, or Overdrive class today to prepare for the ACT® in Baton Rouge.

More questions?  We’d love to hear from you.  Call us any time at (225) 408-4553.

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