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Private Tutoring in Baton Rouge

Looking for private tutoring in Baton Rouge? Does your teen need a more in-depth approach in his or her studies? Schedule private tutoring at Studyville’s academic workspace in Perkins Rowe at any time. Sessions are an opportunity for your student to get one-on-one help from one of our expert tutors.

While Studyville® members can drop in for daily Homework Support® at anytime, many students need more concentrated and strategic attention on a specific subject or skill.  Studyville® offers private tutoring for this reason! Whether there is a problem area to be addressed, or simply an opportunity for growth, private tutoring can benefit students in meeting their goals.

We hire the best tutors the Baton Rouge area has to offer. We regularly recruit academics who specialize and hold expertise in the subject matter they will teach on. Private tutoring is available in all middle school and high school subjects. From Pre-Algebra and Calculus to AP Music Theory, we have you covered. We know that sometimes those highly specialized subjects are the ones that are the most difficult to find help in; you won’t have that problem at Studyville®.

As a parent, you’re probably used to being your kid’s own personal tutor. Well, with Studyville® you can relieve yourself of that title. You don’t have to brush up on Algebra II. We’ve got that covered.

Maybe there’s not a specific subject that your student struggles with. If your student just needs help organizing, learning to study, or becoming a better student- don’t fret. Study skills are a critical component of academic success, and we can help with that too. One-on-one private tutoring sessions are available for whatever your student needs.

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Private tutoring in Baton Rouge can be booked online for both members and non-members, or just ask a Studyville® staff member and we will help you get set up.

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