Is Having a Private Tutor Essential for Every Student?

private tutor

By Kyle Costanza

Private tutoring can be beneficial and even necessary, but does having a private tutor help every student?  A private tutor can be a lifeline when preparing for a test, catching up for missed school days, or tackling a particularly tough concept. However, these are not the only situations where students need help. 

High school students spend an average of 3 hours per weeknight on homework according to a Challenge Success study carried out in the fall of 2020. During those multiple hours every night, students have questions that a guardian cannot answer and a teacher is not available to answer. Students may complete questions incorrectly and then reinforce incorrect information during the learning process. These moments are opportunities for growth and learning that should not be missed. This is where Studyville’s Drop-in Homework Support comes in. 

Drop-In Homework Support at Studyville

At Studyville, we get that students spend significant amounts of time on homework and need a better way to get it done. Our motto is Take the Homework Fight out of the Home, and that’s why we have Drop-in Homework Support. Studyville members get daily access to our drop-in tutoring service where expert tutors are always available to help students through their homework. Because why pay for a private tutor when all you need is a space to complete schoolwork with a little help from a tutor.

Students can simply walk into Studyville and work on homework or study. Our tutors check to make sure students are making progress and answer any questions they may have. Our tutors check homework for correctness and help students prepare for quizzes and tests. That way, whenever a student has a question about the material or does something incorrectly, someone is always there who knows how to help. No more stressful homework sessions at home, or staying up late studying frustrating material. 

When To Choose a Private Tutor

All of this isn’t to say that Private Tutoring is never necessary. Preparing for that big math test can be a lot easier with a private tutor. Learning about how to take and improve on the ACT is one reason why Studyville has ACT Certified Tutors. And even better, Studyville members receive a discount for private tutoring. This gives your students access to all the homework help they need and cheaper private tutoring when necessary. 

Private Tutoring is a great resource and can make school less hectic for parents and students. But, students spend most of their time working and studying outside of private tutoring sessions. If you’re interested in becoming a member and getting access to Studyville’s expert tutors on-demand, look into our memberships. If you have any questions about our Drop-In Homework Support, private tutoring, or anything else we offer, please contact us.

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