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Studyville offers expert private tutoring for a variety of subjects for grades 6 - 12. Get started by booking with a tutor today.

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Vetted, Educated, and Experienced Private Tutors

Looking for private tutoring for your middle or high school teen? Does your teen need a more in-depth approach in his or her studies and test preparation? Schedule private tutoring at one of Studyville’s academic workspaces at any time. Sessions are an opportunity for your student to get one-on-one help from one of our expert tutors.

We have been recruiting vetted, educated, and high quality tutors for a wide array of subjects to work with students who are looking to catch up or excel in their studies at our innovative academic workspaces. Make improvements and get the help you need today by booking online or becoming a member.

We regularly recruit academics who specialize and hold expertise in the subject matter they will teach on. Private tutoring is available in all middle school and high school subjects. From math tutoring for Pre-Algebra and Calculus to Physics, we have you covered. We know that sometimes those highly specialized subjects are the ones that are the most difficult to find help in; you won’t have that problem at Studyville®.

Homework Support® vs. Private Tutoring

While Studyville® members can drop in for daily Homework Support® at anytime, many students need more concentrated and strategic attention on a specific subject or skill.  Studyville® offers private tutoring for this reason! Whether there is a problem area to be addressed, or simply an opportunity for growth, private tutoring can benefit students in meeting their goals.

Keep School at School and Home for the Family

As a parent, you’re probably used to being your kid’s own personal tutor. Well, with Studyville® you can relieve yourself of that title. You don’t have to brush up on advanced calculus or Algebra II. We’ve got that covered.

Maybe there’s not a specific subject that your student struggles with. If your student just needs help organizing, learning to study, or becoming a better student- don’t fret. Study skills are a critical component of academic success, and we can help with that too. One-on-one private tutoring sessions are available for whatever your student needs.

Expert Tutoring Across a Range of Subjects

Whether it's tackling complex math problems with our experienced math tutors, exploring the mysteries of the universe with our skilled physics tutors, or diving into the exciting world of literature with our adept reading tutors, we've got you covered.

• Pre Algebra
• Algebra I and II
• Pre Calculus
• Accounting
• English I and II
• Essay Writing
• Biology
• Chemistry
• Computer Science
• Life Science
• Physics
• AP Classes
• Anatomy
• and more...

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3 Easy Steps to Book Private Tutoring

Tutoring sessions* can be booked online for both members and non-members, or just ask a Studyville® staff member for help here.

* Subject-specific sessions take place in 30-minute increments. ACT, SAT, and LEAP sessions occur in hour-long increments.


Click below to access our private tutoring scheduling portal.


Choose the subject you need help in (AP classes included).


Select an available tutor and time slot. When it's time for your tutoring session, just arrive at Studyville 10-15 minutes early.


Private tutoring sessions start at $30/Members and $40/Nonmembers for a 30 minute session.

Need to cancel? You're in luck. Studyville has a flexible cancellation policy!

Please email (for BR appointments) or (for Alexandria appointments) to request a session cancellation at least 3 hours prior to the start of the session time to have a session credit returned to your account for use towards a future session. 


"My daughters grades suffered during the pandemic and transitioning to high school. She has gone from a 2.8 to a 3.5 GPA by going consistently to Studyville. She ASKS to go to Studyville! She has made good friends with her study buddies! I could not be more pleased with our experience at Studyville- highly recommend!"

Michele S.

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