5 Ways to Motivate Your Student

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If you’re the parent of a teen who’s struggling with their studies, you’ve probably tried everything to motivate them. You’re not alone!  Sometimes getting a teen to be motivated to do homework is like pushing a rope uphill.  No worries, Studyville is here to help!

Here are 5 tips for getting your teen motivated!

1. Find a Study Space

The first thing you need is a space where they can study and focus on what they’re doing. Make sure it’s not cluttered with distractions like TV or video games. Also, make sure it’s not too small or too big—studies show that small spaces make kids feel like they can’t get away from work when they feel overwhelmed, while large spaces make them feel like they have too much room to take advantage of procrastinating without feeling guilty. So find a happy medium!  Studyville is unique in that we have private study rooms and large spaces for collaborating with friends.  Whatever works for your student, we have it at Studyville.  

Studyville has many different areas for studying in private or in a group setting.

2. Tutoring 

If your child isn’t learning in school, getting extra help from an experienced tutor will give them the motivation they need to succeed! Tutoring increases test scores by 14%, improves grades by 10%, and even helps kids with ADHD learn better! Don’t let your child fall behind—find them a tutor today at Studyville https://studyville.com/private-tutoring/

Having an expert help your teen with their homework goes a long way with their confidence. 

3. Peer Effect 

Embrace the peer effect.  Inspire your student with new ideas and techniques that will help them learn better! One way to do this is by creating inspirational posters or quotes around their room/space. Another way is by showing them videos of other students who were once struggling just like them, but now they are doing great in school!  Yet another way is to bring them to Studyville where they can see their friends doing exactly what they are doing…cramming for the next exam.  Some call inspiring them, others call it commiserating with them, but regardless of your terminology, the peer effect works.  

Teens study better together than they do alone.  Accountability is key.

4.  Praise them!

Praise effort and progress, not just results.  When students feel like they’ve done well, it makes them want to do more—so give them lots of praise and encouragement when they do great work! That way, when you see them struggling with something else later on, they’ll be able to rely on their own confidence rather than just quitting because nothing seems to be working out for them right now (which happens sometimes when people don’t feel like anyone cares about their success).

5.  Show Them Why

Teens need to know why they have to do things.  They need to see why studying algebra will be useful in the future.  Show them how computer coding and programming requires advanced math, how successful businessmen need to know how to crunch numbers, how lawyers and politicians have to use the written word to make their arguments, how professional athletes need to understand biology to optimize their physical performance.  Take them on college tours, show them how things are made.  If your student understands why he needs to know something, he will be more inspired to do well!

At Studyville, we are all about inspiring and motivating students in their school work.  Come by and visit us today so we can show you more!

Amanda Vincent

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