College Admissions Counseling Services

Studyville offers a variety of college admissions counseling and prep services to help your teen get into the college of their dreams.

All the years of studying, test-taking, sports, activities, volunteering, and resumé building all culminate into one giant finale… college admissions. College admissions counseling is a valuable resource for building a strong application.

Higher education is likely a family’s largest investment in their student, which puts undue pressure on an already stressful process.

College Admissions Counseling Services

Our college admissions counseling experts can guide your teen along the way with:

  • Career Aptitude Tests
  • Major Selection
  • College Matching
  • High School Road Maps
  • Testing Schedules
  • Fee Schedules
  • Application Help
  • Deadline Organization
  • Essay Prep
  • Scholarships and Financial Aid
  • College Visit Planning

Sometimes an objective presence is a useful for providing feedback and establishing goals without the pressure of parent/child relational dynamics when going through the college admissions process. Our expert admissions advisors can cast vision for students, while also creating a game plan with practical steps to meeting both of your goals.

It can be difficult to discern what the best steps will be for getting accepted to the colleges you desire to attend. With 4 years to fit it all in, how should you spend your time and invest your resources? What extracurriculars should a student participate in? What GPA do you need to have? Are there certain classes or electives that would help? Is this essay topic going to give the right impression? All of these questions and more can be addressed through college admissions counseling.

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