ACT® Easy as 1-2-3? Probably Not.

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Fear often stems from a lack of knowledge or control. The ACT® is no stranger to instilling fear in students, simply due to a lack of what to expect. In fact, many students go into the test without proper preparation and leave feeling defeated and discouraged to try again. The most important factor to remember about the ACT® is it is NOT an indication of intelligence or success. Rather, it is a measurement of your test-taking skills in a subject area. Skills are not innate, meaning they have the capability of being practiced and improved. This is the perspective Studyville® takes when it comes to taking the ACT®.

It’s important to understand that the ACT® is meant to trick you, but our goal at Studyville® is to “teach to the test.” We want to provide students the skills necessary to receive the score they desire. To do this, Studyville® has created two ACT® prep programs. In addition, we offer private tutoring sessions, specifically for the ACT®. The objective is to make content engaging and ensure the atmosphere is positive and constructive.

ACT® Essentials is one of the preparatory programs offered here at Studyville®. This 5-week course is for the ACT® novice. A simulated diagnostic is given to each student before and after the program to gauge proficiency and progress. The test reveals invaluable details such as strengths, weaknesses, and even where a student displayed fatigue. This diagnostic assists us in taking a unique approach that is individualized and geared toward results.

Another program offered here at Studyville® is the ACT® Overdrive. This 2-week course was designed for a student familiar with the ACT® and looking to increase their score. A diagnostic test is also given before and after this program.

With recent modifications to the college admissions process, it’s our job to stay up to date and provide guidance. Many colleges have gone test-optional due to COVID-19. They have recognized that ACT® test centers have been closed or at limited capacity, which in effect has severely affected many students’ ability to take the test. However, these challenges shouldn’t deter a student from the taking the ACT®. Submitting test scores to a test-optional college will only increase your recognition in a field of applicants. The ACT® likes to compare the application process to a jigsaw puzzle. A test score may be the final piece that sets you apart and earns you admission over another applicant.

Studyville® is here to help. We want to know your needs and tailor our services to bring students’ success. ACT® Essentials begins Monday, September 21st and ACT® Overdrive begins October 6th. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get ahead of the college game. If you have questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at or (225) 408-4553.

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